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Free Rattan Diffuser


Sign up and order a premium starter kit with my link during the month of July and

receive this gift from me.  100 mL reservoir that lasts up to 4 hours, 16 different color changing options, Automatically shuts off when dry for added safety.  The perfect addition to your new starter bundle.

My number #27096530 will be in your Enroller and Sponsor field when signing up to receive this promo.




Hello darling! I am so incredibly excited that you’re ready to jump into the world of essential oils with me!

By signing up with me, you join my community where there are all kinds of amazing resources and the sweetest humans you’ll ever meet! We have private facebook groups to help familiarize yourself with your oils and learn new uses and recipes for them. That way you’ll be able to draw on the experience and knowledge of thousands of other oil users to assist you in your oil journey!

As soon as you join my team, you’ll receive a welcome email from me to plug you into all the goodness, as well as:

  • A digital field guide and welcome packet.

  • Happy snail mail including my favorite calm+perfume rollerball & a macrame keychain diffuser you can carry everywhere with you!

  • Access to our own community Facebook groups to help you along the way

  • Personal referral link that you can pass along to your friends when they want oils too! (happens all the time)

Here are the three oil starter kits you can choose from as you order:


Grabbing your starter kit is simple! Click this button & follow the five steps below!

First click "Get Started" to become a member and start enjoying 24% off retail pricing.


Start with popular premium kits, then decide which diffuser you like. Choose the starter kit with the Dewdrop diffuser or Desert Mist diffuser, or if you’d like, you can upgrade to the Rainstone or the Aria (my favorite! - the wood & glass one).

Pro Tip: This is the cheapest and most cost effective way to get the Aria diffuser!

My favorite diffuser is the Aria diffuser. It covers 450 square feet, has a timer & soft glowy light (which you can turn on or off), plays soothing chimes or you can plug your phone in to play music. Most of all though, it’s just gorgeous. I have and love the Desert Mist and Dewdrop diffusers as well! Both are great and come with a candle flicker light option.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Natural Living Made Easy

Visit my personal shopping page below for a new & easy way to subscribe, get free products and check out my bundles of favorite products.


Now you can set up a monthly wellness box called Essential Rewards! Click yes to enroll in Essential Rewards and earn free products.


This is my favorite part about Young Living! It is hands down the best way to begin a nontoxic lifestyle & receive so many freebies/rewards points in the process!


It’s something that’s totally optional, but it’s smart to sign up for this right at the beginning so you can enjoy the 10% back in points (which basically acts like store credit or a gift card) and get a free oil right from the start!


It doesn’t cost you a penny more to use your premium starter kit as your first essential rewards order so you might as well enjoy those freebies. It’s something I can help ya cancel later if you’d like at no extra cost.


This is optional, but the best thing to do is select your Premium Starter Kit and after clicking yes to enroll, then click the yes box reading, “Do you want to use your premium starter kit as your first Essential Rewards order?  There are perks to using your PSK as your first ER order: You'll automatically meet the order requirements to enroll."

You can cancel at anytime with no fees or anything weird like that.

I personally build and customize my own order every month! I’ve been using Young Living products for over two years now. Love love love it. Here are my recommendations to add to your first Essential Rewards order.

  1. Bottle of Thieves Concentrated Cleaner: Trust me on this. You’re going to love Thieves Cleaner. You’ll want the concentrated bottle. $22 is going to feel like a bit much but keep in mind you only need a capful per 16oz amber glass bottle. So that bottle of concentrate is going to last you a looooong time. Makes life so easy to be able to just drop a capful in a bottle, fill the rest with water, and get right back to cleaning. Plus it cleans everything. Yep. Everything. This is the only cleaner you will need from now on.

  2. White Angelica Essential Oil: One of my oils I heavily lean on during times of anxiety or stress. Mix this with Valor or Stress Away for the most heavenly perfume blend and all the calming vibes.

  3. Deep Relief Roller: Goodbye tension and aches and pains. Roll this baby on anywhere that’s a little sore and enjoy the cool tingles and relief.

  4. Seedlings Baby Wipes: These things are intended for little babies, but I totally use them as make up remover wipes because that’s where I’m at in life and can’t be bothered to properly clean my face at the end of the day most days ha ha they smell super good and get the job done.

  5. Orange Essential Oil: Another super versatile oil! Mood booster and helps with sleep. You’ll love this in the diffuser and will be able to add to so many roller recipes!




  • Cedarwood Essential Oil: Super versatile oil! Good for all things hair, skin, and sleep.

  • Satin Facial Scrub: Treat yo’ self with this amazing facial scrub! Smells like a mint milk shake and makes your skin feel so smooth and nice.


Set up your Monthly Essential Rewards order.  They want you to go ahead and set up next months Essential Rewards order. To make it quick and easy just select the Thieves Essential Rewards option.  You won't be charged for this and you can easily change this and customize it with all those goodies I suggested above after sign up in your account, anytime.


Click next to continue enrollment.  Here is where you will enter your membership information.  Enter your name, address, and all that jazz! Create a username, password, and pin. Write all these down so you have easy access to them again!  You should see my member number "27096530" in your sponsor and enroller ID.  This is very important, this is how you will receive all the goodies from me and the Monthly promo I offer.


Click continue then check out with your billing information, double check you got all the way to the confirmation page, do a little happy dance & then wait for the mailman to deliver the best box ever!

So excited for you to get your kit & join our fun community! You’re in good hands ♡ We’re basically oily best friends now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited!

After you sign up, I will email you with all the info you need asap!


Our Products

Handcrafted Soap + Botanical Blends + Eco-Friendly Designs

We Handcraft Plant Based Cold Process Soap, Botanical Skin Care & Eco Friendly Designs.
We specialize in products made with items from nature.

Colorful Flowers

Handcrafted Soap

Organic Plant Based Cold Process

Healing Herbs In Hessian Bags, Mortar With Chamomile And Essential Oil On Wooden Table, Herbal Medic

Botanical Blends

Organic Herbal Skincare

Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly Designs

Organic Fair Trade Goods

All products are handcrafted by us in small batches in our studio located near the beaches of South Eastern Virginia.

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Coastal Virginia,  United States

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Owners / Makers

Marcie & David Tanielu

We are a husband and wife team working together to create eco-friendly products. Marcie formulates & creates the products while David designs labels and product displays. We spend most of our Saturdays vending at our local Old Beach Green Market.

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