December Essential Rewards Promos

heckkk yes. a 15ml of FRANKINCENSE. I wait for this every single year bc that bottle alone is worth over $78. not to mention, breathe again is my favorite respiratory oil, northern lights is a must for the winter diffuser recipes, and how cuteee is that travel diffuser!

make sure you are placing your order through essential rewards (the monthly program) to get everything you see for free! it's super easy to join!

**ᕱ FREE SHIPPING for any order over 100PV! **i love this so much bc now every dollar i spend can be on product!

ᕱ northern lights black spruce, 5ml (ER only) | 190 PV

*valued over $25

this oil is perfect in any diffuser blend. it smells like a literal forest -- so so grounding, calming, and soothing. it's a favorite for men as well. they can wear it as cologne or apply it to their beards. trust me, its a good one.

ᕱ breathe again, 15ml | 190PV

*valued over $82

okay, first lemme just say that this oil isn't even in stock right now. and when you CAN buy it, it's only sold in a roller. so needless to say this is your momentttt to get this oil fa free! haha, but seriously, I loveeee the smell of this one. it's our family's respiratory support oil go-to. we diffuse it, apply it on our chests, mix it with coconut oil for a homemade chest balm. and it smells super refreshing. think "bye bye Vicks".

ᕱ mini travel diffuser | 250 PV

look at how CUTE this portable, palm-sized travel diffuser is!? it's rafted with ceramic stone and bamboo wood -- so simple and sleek! to use it, put 3-5 drops of oil directly on the ceramic surface and enjoyyyy.

** there’s a limited number of these adorable diffusers, so get your orders in early in the month. if your order is placed after the supply is gone, YL will add 30 ER points to your account instead.


we wait every year for this big ole bottle to be listed as one of the freebies b/c its an oil that I never want to go without, but can be pricey if you are on a budget. if I had to live with one oil-- this is it. perfect for skin, immune support, sleep, and so so much more.

AH so many good things! which one are you guys most excited to get for free?!