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How To Set Up Your Monthly Order

How to update your Subscribe to Save orders! ◠ when you log into your account, in the upper right hand corner you'll see "My Account" - hover over that and go to 'subscriptions'.

◠ there you can see your order summary, as well as delete items or even change the frequency you'd like to receive those items. you can process now or change the processing day if need be.

◠ if you want to add products to your order, simply search by name in the search bar or browse by category or need. once you find an item you want to add, simply select "subscribe" from that products page.


If you forget to update your order, YL will autoship you what you had previously ordered the month prior. If you don’t want duplicate monthly orders, remember to log back into your account to add your new products and take the old ones out!

Young Living does a great job of sending you emails to remind you when your order processes. They typically will send a reminder email 3 days prior to the day of processing as well as the day of. If you aren’t the greatest at checking your email frequently, set a reminder in your phone to alarm you to help you remember when your order will process!

Being a Subscribe to Save member has so many perks and those freebie points accumulate fast! You won’t regret it!

if you've been on are you liking it? what are some of your favorite products you frequently order?


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