Thieves Cleaner: why it's amazing for houseplants

Random side tangent before we talk about why Thieves Cleaner is magic for plants, but in case you didn't already know, you need to keep the leaves of your plants clean and clear from dust. Photosynthesis happens when sunlight is absorbed through the leaves and that can’t happen as effectively when the plants are covered with dust. . ⌓ WAYS TO CLEAN THE LEAVES - You can gently spray them down with lukewarm water at the sink or in the tub with a shower nozzle when you are watering them. - You can wipe them down with a soft cloth. My favorite method? Spray them with Thieves Household Cleaner . I love to spray with Thieves Cleaner each time I water to help gently dust but it also prevent pests which is amazing. I spray that soil too to also prevent pests, mold and fungus.

You guys is there anything Thieves Cleaner can’t do? I swear this cleaner is my secret sauce to happy, thriving houseplants. I do think it’s good to wipe down the leaves and/or gently spray them clean with lukewarm water in the shower or with a spray nozzle in your kitchen sink when things get real dusty, but it is so good to spray your plants with Thieves Cleaner because it’s amazing for pest prevention.

*knock on wood* I’ve yet to have a single pest problem in my big houseplant collection. Occasionally I’ve had a few annoying gnats but a quick spray with Thieves Cleaner took care of the problem.

Thieves Cleaner actually has essential oils in it that are so good at repelling pests and preventing future problems. After doing some research, I noticed that for pest problems many people mentioned things like sprinkling cinnamon in the soil or spraying leaves with rosemary water when pests took over. Yep you guessed it, Thieves household cleaner has both cinnamon bark and rosemary essential oils in it including other essential oils that are known to help prevent pests in plants.

BEST CLEANER EVER! Strong enough to clean my toilet, gentle enough to clean my houseplants.

I don’t want to deal with any pest problems ever because bugs make my skin crawl (have you googled houseplant pests? they’re freaking terrifying) so you betcha I spray my plants down with Thieves each time they need watered. Spray the leaves, spray the soil. It’s all good.

Thieves Cleaner also prevents mold and fungus from bothering your plants.

I was gifted a houseplant once and noticed white fuzzy mold growing on the soil. I had a newborn at the time and just didn’t want to deal with it and sprayed Thieves Cleaner on it kinda like a joke, made me feel like I had made an attempt to fix the problem even though I didn’t expect anything to actually happen and figured I’d need to come and scrape off the mold later or something. The next day, the mold was gone. Craziest thing ever. So yeah spray your soil with Thieves Cleaner to keep it clean.

Pro-tip: If you have any plants or trees or a garden that struggles with aphids every year, you can totally spray Thieves Cleaner to help naturally repel the bugs. I did this for a flowering plum tree we have in our back yard this last spring. I went out every day for about three days, just spraying my normal mixture of Thieves Cleaner (capful in a 16 oz glass spray bottle topped with water) all over the branches when I saw those bugs were taking over. The bugs didn’t immediately care so I was a little discouraged but figured why not keep trying? Couldn’t hurt. Sprayed it again the next day, bugs were less. By day three, they were gone. I just sprayed all over the branches and extra wherever I saw the bugs were thick. Felt so good to naturally get rid of those bugs and not need toxic chemicals.

How many of you already spray your plants with Thieves Cleaner?? How many are going to start??


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